Lorenzo Silvestrini · Autodidact

An artist who keeps you busy

Lorenzo Silvestrini: Lorenzo in Venice, Italy
Lorenzo in Venice, Italy

Raised in Venice and endowed with a wealth of talent, he has copied the technique and brushstroke of his grandfather, a hobby painter, and as an autodidact has refined it in the course of his work. He never attended art school. The fact that he still masters his craft can be seen in his earlier works, when he still painted mainly representational.

Today he paints predominantly abstract, with the colours red and black dominating. His paintings are not simply blurred, almost completely without motif or thought. His Venetian origin is reflected in the floods and fountains. Movement and depth, unpredictability and menacing nature of the watercourses of Venice form the foil of his abstract pictures, channels and alleys, which become increasingly narrow and merge with each other on the horizon, limit the viewer’s perspective, create confusion, are a challenge, want to be deciphered. It is always the same sources and motifs that are expressed in his pictures, but depending on the mood and life situation, they have a tendency to be optimistic or pessimistic.

Lorenzo Silvestrini: A wire sculpture by Lorenzo
A wire sculpture in Lorenzo’s garden

Lorenzo, whose surname is easily forgotten because he rarely uses it, is, like many artists, not only one-sidedly gifted. He is also a musician, singer, songwriter and composer. His songs are the reflection of his paintings. Sometimes a bit sad, sometimes cheerful and colourful.

Lorenzo is an artist who keeps you busy – and with whom it is also worthwhile to occupy yourself.