Lorenzo Silvestrini · Biography

Lorenzo Silvestrini: Lorenzo at the gates of his home town Venice
Lorenzo at the gates of his home town Venice, Italy

Lorenzo was born in 1948 in Campo San Barnabà in Venice. Here he also spent his childhood and youth. Lorenzo discovered his artistic talent very early. His grandfather, who had already made a name for himself as a painter within Venice, was a great role model for him.

The interest in art never had to be awakened in Lorenzo, he grew naturally into an environment where art is omnipresent. Strolling through the alleys and across the bridges of Venice trained his perspective vision. From his grandfather and in self-study he learned how to handle colours. Venice’s charisma was and still is a source of inspiration for him.

Lorenzo Silvestrini: Young Lorenzo / at Lake Constance 1995
Young Lorenzo / at Lake Constance 1995

The artistic beginnings of the young Lorenzo were mainly impressionistic drawings in ink, chalk, charcoal, oil, wax, watercolour, pastel, in short: he worked with all materials, which is still characteristic for him today. Over the years, during which the autodidact was continuously artistically active, his style naturally changed. While in the beginning the motif, the artistic precision was still important, he developed further and further away from the form, away from external motifs, towards what came out of himself.

After an intensive creative period, during which he mainly preferred abstract colour compositions, his style settled down: Today a modern expressive painting is characteristic for him. Although the motifs are mostly abstract, they contain concepts from which, after a longer period of observation, motifs emerge that convey a very specific mood. For Lorenzo, the colours, as well as harmony and tension in the composition of the picture are essential. Motifs that the viewer encounters again and again are bodies, people, instruments, sport – all aspects of life that are very close to Lorenzo’s heart. Often ladders, a keyhole, technical reminiscences, paths or tracks are also recognizable, which have a symbolic character for Lorenzo just like the colours.

Lorenzo Silvestrini: Lorenzo at his birthplace in the Venetian quarter San Barnaba
Lorenzo at his birthplace in the Venetian quarter San Barnaba

As already mentioned, Lorenzo prefers a mixed technique, which gives him as much freedom as possible in the composition of a painting. He paints mainly acrylic, but also in oil, with adhesives, cement, ochre and oil glazes, applied with spatula, fingers, cloth, feet, but also with a brush from time to time. In the course of the development of his technique, the artist has limited himself to the primary colours red, blue as well as black and white, from which he mixes all shades.

A painting that is carried by the mood is open to change. So it is not surprising that the colours of his paintings and the creative rhythms are in constant change. In this respect his works can also be seen as a document of the times. It is precisely from this that his paintings draw their special appeal.